Dawid Lagua

From vintage pieces to unique arts and craft, Dawid takes us inside his 70s apartment in Munich. The goal was to create a calm design aesthetic to come home to after a long day at work. 

What is the story of your home /
We have been looking for a new home for a very long time. I still remember the moment when the phone rang while we were in Antwerp. After a few days we were able to take a look at the apartment. And what can i say: it was love at first sight. Big Windows and beautiful Lightining. An Outdoor Fireplace. We said yes within Seconds. But the best thing was that we didnt have to renovate anything. The apartment had the great 70s Vibe. And i really love it.
How would you describe your style /
Timeless Cozy Style. I really like timeless design. But its also very important to me that the Design represent my Life. I love to Invite Friends, have great dinners  and keep myself calm. I think our style reflects all these things. 
How does your work influence your way of living /
My days at work are very long. I have tried to create a home that make me calm. i really love to have a stylish cozy place to drink coffee and read  magazines. a place where i can enjoy every minute.
Where do you find inspiration for your home /
I found my inspiration in special moments and places i have been. Sometimes its a dinner in a great restaurant, next time its a trip to a new city or holidays in another country.  
How does living in Munich influence or inspire your home /
For me Munich is a City where the people celebrate the good life, and i think this is something i really like. It is the feeling i want to have in our home. Have a great time with Family and friends. enjoy the simple moments. 
What object in your home that has particular meaning to you /
I have an originally Sideboard from the 70s from my grandma. I really love the patina of the wood. The smell of the wood when i open it. i cant believe this Piece is over 50 Years old. It have a very special meaning to me. 
Do you have a personal philosophy you live by when creating your home /
I like to surround myself with pieces that i really love. In my experience, you don't give up these beloved pieces, and this is a great Feeling! Its like Finding your inner piece.