Ilenia & Simon

The creators behind Siilent Studio shares their secrets on how to create a home that reflects their personality, and how traveling has widen their vision and taste in interiors
Ilneia and Simon
What is the story of your home / 
Ilenia & Simon: We moved to Paris last autumn and where looking for the perfect apartment for us and our dog, close to a park and possibility to have a in-house-studio. We found a lovely apartment that we are now decorating to our personal needs and taste.
How would you describe your style /
Simon & Ilenia: We both love brutalist and minimal architecture and interior design. We like geometric shapes that give edge and like to break it with organic and fluid shapes that add personality. In therms of colour palette we favour natural shades such as gray and earthy tones and implement them to a black & white background.

What do you work with and how does this influence your way of living / 
S&I: We both are independent content creators in the fashion field and founded our production agency SIILENT Studio two years ago which fusions our both visions and paths, which has influenced our both tastes a lot and eventually got combined to one world.
Where do you find inspiration for your home / 
S&I: Travels, Fashion, Cultures, Memories from our individual past but also from our 7 years together.
How does living in Paris influence or inspire your home decor /
Ilenia: I grew up in Switzerland, studied in Milan and now work in Paris - I would say it is a mix of these countries that gave me inspirations plus the influence of Simon’s Scandinavian roots.
Simon: Growing up in Scandinavia, minimal interior has always been close to my aesthetics but traveling has widen my vision and taste and formed it to something very personal and individual to me.

What is the object in your home that has particular meaning to you and why /
Ilenia: Honestly I love every piece as somehow every object has its story and meaning. Our vintage table for instance is so unique, I’ve never seen it anywhere, we re-painted it last Christmas and it was a disaster as we did not really know what we where doing but accidentally it got a very unique look just by doing what our guts told us to do and a lot of improvisation and Simon’s creativity.
Simon: I agree with Ilenia, the “table-renovation-story” will forever stay in my memory. I have a very personal attachment to my mugs that I bought in Copenhagen when I was 19, a lot of money back then for me as a young man but proud about still having them and using them on a daily base.
Do you have a personal philosophy you live by when creating your home /
I&S: For me a home should reflect my personality and my taste the most, even more than an outfit. It should be a space I love to spend time and since we work and live in the same space, it is very important that it’s functional but still liveable. Regarding how we shop our interior: A lot of research until we find what we really love and what represents us the most and some "coup de coeur” we find and buy straight away, mostly this happens with vintage pieces.