Canyon Vase

Elevating the extreme forces of nature - Inspired by canyons shaped by water flods, leaving a unique surface - Created to bring nature closer to home and add a artistict touch - Use it with or without flowers.

Our Creative Director Rebecca Hein talks about the inspiration behind the bespoke Canyon vase.

 The idea for the Canyon Vase comes from the urge of creating a wabi-sabi vibe around a new glass vase. The shape of the vase is inspired by old vintage vases from Japan.

“My goal with the canyon vase was to create a wabi-sabi vase with the feeling of complete zen”

HEIN STUDIO Canyon VaseThe structure of the vase is inspired by the Antelope Canyon. Antelope Canyon is a gorge located in the Navajo area near Arizona. The gorge has been shaped by water floods through the years creating its unique shape.


 As a child Rebecca went on a road trip with her parents and sisters to America, where they visited all the canyons and the raw and brutal desert landscape. A look through old photoalbums made Rebecca think about the surface of the Antelope Canyon.


“The unique shape of the Antelope Canyon is for me the essence of wabi-sabi, The imperfect perfect. I love that each angle can show a new perspective and aesthetic. And when the light hits the vase, it is where the magic shines through”


Each piece is mouth blown into a heavily carved steel mold. It takes 3 skilled glass artists to create each piece by hand.

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Hein Studio Canyon vase