Ostrea Glass Vase

The Ostrea Vase is inspired by Infinite treasures of the sea. Light reflections of rock and oyster formations. Transformed to a organic collection of small objects.  Created to beautify, ease and calm everyday living.
We sat down with Creative Director Rebecca Hein for at talk about the inspiration for the Ostrea Collection.
The final line on paper came to live in 2015 in the family’s beach house. It was a small organic collection of a vase and a candleholder which was to be the first designs in the Hein Studio history.
The name Ostrea means Oyster. The Idea came from a walk at the beach with her daughter where they found oyster shells and stones shaped by the ocean.
“The shape and structure captivated my creativity, and I felt the urge to create something unique but yet modern and functional “
Ostrea Vase

The Ostrea Vase was originally designed to be made in steel. Seeking out uniqueness and the urge to experiment with structure inspired by the ocean was the starting point of the Ostrea Vase in glass. The heavy steel mold was hand carved with great force, creating the unique surface.


Every vase is mouth blown, creating the unique raw surface and colors. It takes 3 skilled glass artists to blow each piece. The Ostrea glass vase comes in 6 different colors

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Ostrea Vase