Ikebana Vase - Silver

Giving life to flowers is the exact translation of Ikebana. Ikebana was introduced in japan in the 6th century. An Ikebana flower arrangement should contain aesthetic elements or a triangular structure that symbolizes heaven, earth and the humanity existing in harmony.

”I designed ikebana vase from a fascination of giving life to a single branch or a few stems. Making it easy to arrange small art pieces at home”

The Vase is made in solid brass and its shape is inspired by Japanese ceramics techniques giving each angle life when seen from a new perspective.
Materials / 100 % Brass with nickel finish
Measurements / H30 x W10 cm (11,8 x 3,9 inch) - approx 2 kg (4,4 ibs)
Special info / Made by hand sandcasting, small black spots and grain may occur due to the sand casting, polished by hand. Use with or without flowers
Designer / Rebecca Hein
Shipping / This product can be shipped World Wide
Packing / Shipped in a dustbag and white gift box
Manufactured / India

Care / Nickel-plated brass objects should not be exposed to water or moisture. Keep the outer surface dry with a soft cloth to prevent permanent stains on the material. A non-abrasive polish can be used to clean and shine the product. Clean gently to avoid wearing down the Nickel plating. Avoid using steel wool or other materials that can scratch the metal. 

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