Kazumi Vase - Gold

Two serene pillars which are in perfect harmony. Kazumi means to be in Harmony and at Peace. A calm and sculptural statement piece that with every angle shows a new perspective, it creates a new experience depending on the light reflections.

Elevate your table, window or cabinet and use it with or without flowers as an art piece. Each vase is made by handcasting and polished by hand to achieve a shiny surface.
Materials / 100 % Brass
Measurements / H19,5 x W10x16 cm (7,6 x 3,9x6,2 inch) - approx 2,8 kg (6,2 ibs)
Special info / Made by hand sandcasting, small black spots and grain may occur due to the sand casting, polished by hand. Use with or without flowers
Designer / Rebecca Hein
Shipping / This product can be shipped World Wide
Packing / Shipped in a dustbag and white gift box
Manufactured / India

Care /  Brass is a living material and will naturally develop a darker color due to oxidation. Exposure to moisture or grease can reinforce the oxidation and may leave stains and fingerprints. The oxide layer protects the metal and forms a beautiful patina over time but can easily be cleaned off to restore the original brightness and shine. Wash solid brass objects in hot soapy water to clean off grease or wax, and gently rub it with a soft cloth. Use a non-abrasive polish to remove tarnishing and re-shine the surface. Avoid using steel wool or other materials that can scratch the metal. 

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